GCP Professional Architect Certification: coming soon!

I've been taking a Google Partner class at work. Yes, McKinsey is totally serious about 200 hours / year of training. What a perk! I already have passed three AWS certifications: Developer Associate, DevOps Professional, and Solutions Architect Associate.

The live lectures ended a couple weeks ago, but there was still a ton of lab work to do in order to get the exam voucher that will lower the cost of the exam to me to just $0.00. The instructor is Robert Lubiński, a certified Cloud Trainer. His classes are a hoot, plus he really knows his stuff! If you ever get a chance to take one of his sessions, DO IT!

I have four weeks to use the voucher after I receive it. But in the meantime, the coursework that I've finished can be found on my Google Cloud Skills page.

I'll update this page when the certification is complete.